Dental Crowns & Bridges

What Is A Dental Crown or Bridge?

A dental crown commonly referred to as a “cap” can be made of several different materials including all gold, porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain materials and more.  Depending on where the crown is placed in the mouth typically will determine the type of material the crown or bridge is made out of.

A  severely broken or decayed tooth, a missing tooth that needs to be replaced or cosmetic enhancements are a few reasons your dentist may recommend a crown or bridge.

The process typically requires two visits, but don’t worry you will leave the office with a temporary crown that looks and feels similar to your permanent crown or bridge.  Your dentist will prep the tooth making smooth edges for the crown to be placed on top.  Depending on how broken the tooth is or the severity of the decay your dentist place a filling or buildup in the tooth to help give the tooth the stability it needs underneath the crown.  After your dentist preps the tooth an impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth will be made and sent to a dental lab.  The dental lab will follow the instructions from your referring dentist on the make and look of the permanent crown or bridge.  Once the lab has completed the fabrication your dentist will cement your permanent crown or bridge in place.  It typically takes 10-14 working days for the dental lab to make your permanent crown or bridge.

Do I Need A Dental Crown Or Bridge?

When might a dental crown or bridge be recommended:

• Broken tooth
• More than slight decay is noted
• Chipped or cracked tooth
• Damage to a pre-existing crown
• To replace missing teeth
• Cosmetic reasons

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