Learn More About Periodontal Therapy

The Importance of Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy is an important and vital role in both oral health and your overall health.  Periodontal therapy includes but is not limited to:

• Root Planing & Scaling (Deep Cleaning)
• Antimicrobial Therapy
• Periodontal Maintenance

Root Planing and scaling often referred to as a deep cleaning is one of the first lines of defense to control periodontal disease.  While periodontal disease is not reversible it can be controlled.  Non-treatment of the disease can lead to bone loss resulting in the loss of teeth.

It is recommended those patients who receive periodontal therapy receive a slightly more invasive cleaning at more frequent intervals throughout the year. Having a perio maintenance service performed at 3 or 4 months allows for the disruption of microbes that cause periodontal disease.

Our skilled dental hygienist will educate you on your gum health along with provide their best techniques alongside Dr. Katy Moore to help control your periodontal disease.  In more advanced cases our doctor may refer you to one of our local and highly recommended periodontist to assist in the best treatment for you.

Keeping Your Periodontal Health A Priority

While periodontal disease is not reversible; it is treatable.  Factors that contribute to periodontal disease include: genetics, smoking, alcohol use, less than satisfactory hygiene habits.

It’s important to keep all of your periodontal therapy appointments.  Our skilled team of dental hygienists will help develop a plan to make every effort to reduce the risk of advanced periodontal disease.  Keeping your appointments increases your chances for success along with making sure your at home care is the best it can be.

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