Suffering from a dental emergency? Don’t wait…

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

When you arrive, you’ll be treated with compassion. We realize it’s difficult to talk and interact when you’re in pain.

We’ll get you back to see a dentist quickly.The dentist will diagnose your condition. They’ll then recommend a treatment plan and explain your options. You make the decision that’s right for you. The dentist will provide the agreed upon emergency treatment. In most cases, we can work you in for treatment same day.

You’ll then receive information regarding any needed followup, prescriptions or ongoing treatment needs.

Emergency dentistry provides emergency services after hours, on holidays and weekends. During these times, your regular dentist may not be able to see you.

We treat sudden symptoms and conditions like:

• Extreme dental pain or throbbing
• Severe infection (Abscess)
• Chipped or cracked tooth
• Slight trauma
• Damaged crown
• Toothache

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