Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety?

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

At Dentistry on Carmel we understand that dental anxiety is real and affects thousands of dental patients each day.  Dental anxiety affects men, women and children.  Many times an unfavorable dental experience lead to dental anxiety.

Our skilled dental team members are both compassionate and experienced with dealing with patients with dental anxiety.  Did you know our office offers nitrous oxide for those patients who suffer from dental anxiety?

Nitrous oxide commonly referred to as laughing gas has helped patients for years relax while undergoing dental treatment.  Patients may request laughing gas during their routine dental cleanings, deep cleanings, restorative or major dental services.

If you have dental anxiety please let our doctor, Katy Moore, know during your exam or visit.  Her knowledge and years of experience in the dental field can help ease your dental fears allowing you to receive very important dental care.

Don’t Delay Dental Work Due To Anxiety

Many times patients put off dental treatment as a result of dental fear.  Postponing dental treatment can have long term effects and is not recommended.  Waiting on recommended dental treatment can cause decay and periodontal disease to advance.  It can also add to your already elevated stress levels. Don’t let dental fear stand in the way of great oral health.

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