Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening With Dentistry On Carmel

Who doesn’t want a white and brighter smile?  Teeth whitening can provide a quick makeover and help you fall in love with your smile again.  At Dentistry on Carmel in Charlotte, NC we are proud to provide several teeth whitening options with our most popular being custom bleach trays to our patients. These whitening options have shown great results for our patients over and over again.

Our whitening options include custom strips, custom bleach trays & several more customizable bleaching options. Our custom bleach trays require an impression to be taken of both the upper and lower teeth.  These impressions allow one of our dental team members to fabricate bleach trays that fit your teeth allowing the best results.  Our custom bleach trays come with whitening syringes recommended by our dentist, Dr. Katy Moore.

Regular checkups with your family dentist help you:

• Prior to cosmetic dental treatment
• Stains unrelated to tetracylcine
• Yellow appearance of teeth
• Patients that do not have periodontal disease

It is no longer required to sleep with the bleach trays in place.

For more information, including in-depth instructions and to see if you are a candidate for take home bleach trays with Dentistry on Carmel contact our office today.

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