Put Your Unused Dental Benefits To Work, Before They Expire

Dentistry on Carmel would like to give those patients who have dental insurance, HSA’s, and FSA’s a friendly reminder to make the most of any remaining benefits before they expire on December 31. Since any remaining benefits do not roll over, it’s wise to take advantage of these benefits before year-end. Please take a few moments to look at your dental plan coverage; it could save you hundreds of dollars.

How to maximize your dental plan or FSA/HSA dollars:

Typical dental plans have an annual deductible (the amount you must spend out of pocket before receiving benefits). If you’ve already met your yearly deductible, it makes sense to get the most out of it before it renews on January 1.

Yearly Maximums
Most dental insurance plans have a maximum set amount that can be paid out per year, per individual. Check your dental plan or insurance card for the amount, and then be sure to use all of it!

If you have a flexible spending account or health savings account, you’re likely paying toward it each month. Anything remaining in an FSA or HSA at year-end is also forfeited, so don’t forget that dental treatments are a qualified medical expense and a great way to use any remaining amount before it’s too late.

Don’t let any of your hard-earned dental benefits go to waste; make an appointment today by calling 704-900-5045 or schedule online: https://dentistryoncarmel.com/.

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