Stress, Sweets & Cavities

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With many changes over the past months, it’s safe to say many have found their stress levels pushed to the max. Many of us have also turned to sweets for a quick pick me up. Others have found their diet has changed with quick, easy, and sugar-filled foods.

If you have found yourself reaching for a sugar-filled snack, we have some ways to help kick the habit and prioritize your health, including your dental health.

Prepackage healthy snack items
Many times we reach for what is close by, so why not make it a handful of nuts or an apple? You can make snack bags for you and your household with everyone’s favorite healthy snacks.

Portion control your sweets.
If you can’t live without your daily handful of chocolate candy, do so in moderation. Don’t snack on sweets throughout the day. Enjoy your treat and be done. Every time you indulge in sweets, you are exposing your teeth to sugar, left unbrushed, and the cycle of tooth decay can begin.

Keep your daily routines.
When life starts to feel unsettling, it is sometimes caused by a lack of routine. Keep your daily routines as much as possible. Make sure your children are brushing twice a day, and don’t forget your dental cleaning appointments. With restrictions even tighter on dentists, you can be less stressed about your routine dental appointments.

Remember, sugar causes cavities, and stress doesn’t have a positive impact on your health. Keep your health a priority by keeping your routines, including appointments that help elevate your health. You can schedule your appointment with Dentistry on Carmel right from our website or by calling 704-900-5045.

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