Keeping Your Lips Safe In The Sun

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When you’re heading outside this summer, it’s important to make sure your lips are protected from the sun. Overlooking sun protection for your lips is easy to do, but this part of your skin can end up with sunburn. Exposing your lips to the sun’s rays can also increase your risk of skin cancer. Keep the following tips in mind to protect your lips from the sun this season.

Choose Lip Products with SPF
Lip products with at least an SPF 30 help block the sun’s UV rays from reaching the skin on your lips. To get the most sun protection, look for lip products that block UVA and UVB rays. You should also avoid using lip products that have a shine to them, such as lip gloss, since this can increase your lips’ exposure to the sun’s rays. Look for lip balm or lipstick containing SPF instead. Keep in mind that you’ll need to reapply SPF lip balm or lipstick to maintain protection from the sun when you’re outside.

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure
When possible, try to avoid exposing your lips directly to the sun’s rays. Stay in the shade when you’re outside or wear a wide-brimmed hat that provides your face with some shade. You should also plan outdoor time carefully. Avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day, which is around 10 am through 4 pm. These are peak hours for sunlight, so your lips are at a higher risk of sun damage. Try to keep outdoor times limited to earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

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