Electric Toothbrush, The Benefits

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It’s an ongoing debate over an electric toothbrush, the benefits and if it out performs using a manual toothbrush. Take a look at what our dental professionals at Dentisry on Carmel have to say about an electric toothbrush and your oral health.

Plaque Removal

Everyone could improve on removing plaque and debris better. Plaque can be found hiding at the gumline and in those hard to reach places. We have found that our patients that use an electric toothbrush regularly have less plaque at their dental cleaning appointments. The spinning or movement of the bristles of the electric toothbrush can make removing plaque more efficient. The movement of the brush head of an electric toothbrush is also more difficult to mimic with a manual brush making plaque removal easier with an electric brush.

Length of brushing

Many electric toothbrushes now come with built-in times to promote brushing for the full two minutes. We know as dental professionals that brushing for the full amount of time helps to provide a better cleaning!

Ease of use

The electric toothbrush with a rotating head or movement of bristles makes reaching those hard to reach places with the tooth bristles that much easier. The suggested angles for proper brushing can be difficult to do, especially with patients who may suffer from arthritis or younger patients.

Overall brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, followed by proper flossing is what makes us happy. While ultimately your style of toothbrush is a personal preference, we seem to be able to spot those patients who use an electric toothbrush.

You can receive a free electric toothbrush when you schedule your dental cleaning and exam as a new patient with Dentistry on Carmel. This limited time offer ends March 17th and we ask that you mention this offer when you call 704.900.5045.

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