Giving Back In The Dental Industry

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If everyone did their part to give back how much could we change the world? At Dentistry on Carmel we believe in giving back and making a difference. We’ve partnered with Charity League Charlotte and America’s Toothfairy to make a difference!

Dentistry on Carmel has made a commitment to help put dental hygiene items in the hands of children in need across the local school systems. Part of what we provide for our patients is educating them on the proper dental hygiene needed for great oral health, nutrition to decrease the risk of cavities and much more.

If children don’t have the resources how can they reduce their risk of dental decay? Dental infections are a leading cause for children missing valuable school time. Dentistry on Carmel is hoping that providing toothbrushes for those children who may not have one will reduce the dental decay for many.

How are we giving back?

There are several ways we are giving back and you can help too! For every patient we see for their dental cleaning appointment we will give a toothbrush to a child in need. Our patients also have the option to choose to give their hygiene bag they would receive at the end of their cleaning to go to a child in need.

We all know how important education is and we all know that not every child has the necessary resources. We hope you will join us in making a difference in the local community by placing a toothbrush in the hands of a child who has a need.

If you want to learn more about our giveback or want to join forces give us a call today 704.900.5045. We look forward to making a difference one smile at a time!

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