How Your Overall Health Is Affected By Your Dental Health

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Dental hygiene and good oral care not only protect your gums, teeth, and mouth but also have a considerable effect on your overall body health. An unhealthy mouth increases the risk of medical disorders such as preterm labor, stroke as well as heart attack among others.

What’s the relation between oral and overall body health?

Like any other part of your body, the mouth is exposed to various pathogens including harmful bacteria which can cause mouth infection.  The connection is not just bacterial; various treatments such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and different painkillers tend to reduce the flow of saliva. This then leads to the microbial invasion which causes diseases.

Some include the following:


It’s believed that people with diabetes tend to experience gum diseases but research indicates that poor oral health can lead to diabetes. This is because periodontal disease increases insulin resistance leading to diabetes.

Pregnancy and oral health

During pregnancy, it’s crucial to go for check-ups every now and then. Unhealthy gums can lead to gestational diabetes as well as pre-term birth.  Studies proved that expectant mothers experiencing progressive gum diseases and bleeding are at high risk of asthma and birth abnormalities.

Heart disease

Inflammations and infections caused by oral diseases can lead to cardiovascular complications, including stroke and clogged arteries.

To maintain an overall great body health, it’s advisable to have a regular dental check-up with your dentist to prevent oral diseases which may have an unpalatable impact on your overall health. Schedule your dental appointment today with Dentistry on Carmel by calling 704.900.5045.

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