The Critical Role Your Dental Hygienist Plays in Your Oral Health

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You might have had at least some interaction with your dental hygienist every time you visited your dentist’s office. But you don’t quite know what this person does for a living. Isn’t she or he simply an assistant to your dentist?

Nope, a dental hygienist is a licensed professional with a focus on providing preventative oral care. She or he has a college degree, takes up to six hours a year of continuous education and maintains CPR certification. Here are some of the leading areas in which your dental hygienist might provide real value to you and your family.

Conduct dental cleaning services — This common practice doesn’t just remove stains, plaque and tartar, and improve your smile. It also gives your dental hygienist an opportunity to carefully examine your mouth for dental needs.

Provide preventative care — Your dental hygienist looks out for early evidence of gingivitis, gum diseases or other dental disorders. The key to maintaining good oral health is addressing small imperfections before they become big problems.

Administer local anesthesia — As a patient, you recognize the need for effective anesthesia before your dentist begins to drill. You often have your dental hygienist to thank for this service.

Take and develop dental X-rays — This is often the first step to diagnosing dental disorders and seeking proper treatment.

Apply fluorides and treatments — There are various coatings that will add protection to your teeth. It’s usually your dental hygienist who will apply that added protection.

Help draw up and communicate treatment plans — When the dental needs of you or a family member necessitate a course of treatment over time, your dental hygienist will help your dentist formulate that plan and then discuss it with you.

Educate patients — It’s often your dental hygienist who explains proper brushing and flossing techniques and shows you additional ways of caring for your teeth. Feel free to ask questions and discuss oral health topics of concern with your professionally trained and certified dental hygienist at Dentistry On Carmel.


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