The Electric Toothbrush Great Debate

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Since it’s the season for debates, why not talk about one surrounding a daily task, brushing your teeth. With so many options for your favorite toothbrush, everyone seems to have their own opinion on the best one.

There are two types of toothbrushes available, a manual and an electric toothbrush. A manual toothbrush is one where you do the work with it. Hence the name “manual.” An electric toothbrush does some of the work, spinning or oscillating as you brush.

Many dental professionals favor an electric toothbrush. The larger handles make gripping easier for patients, and the rotating bristles are known to help remove plaque and stain. The suggested time for brushing is two minutes. You will find most electric toothbrushes come with builtin timers helping you reach your two-minute goal.

Manual toothbrushes are still useful and found on the countertops of many of us. A manual toothbrush requires discipline to brush for the suggested amount of time. It is also vital the bristles are positioned at the proper angle to remove the plaque efficiently. Manual brushes are more cost-effective than electric toothbrushes and can be found on most grocery stores’ shelves.

When it comes to picking a manual or electric toothbrush, it all comes down to the user. Brushing should be done twice a day for two full minutes each time. If you are searching for a great dentist and an electric toothbrush, you have come to the right place. All new patients will receive a free electric toothbrush at their new patient visit for a limited time with Dentistry on Carmel. To schedule your visit with Dentistry on Carmel, please call 704.900.5045.

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