Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For Your Teeth

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Your dental provider has probably talked to you about avoiding sugary treats and other foods that are bad for your teeth, but what about foods that are good for them? Find out more about some foods that can help you keep your teeth healthy and strong.

5 Healthy Food Choices For Your Dental Health


Eating cheese helps your mouth produce more saliva, which washes away bacteria from your teeth and lowers your risk of cavities. The protein and calcium in cheese also helps strengthen your teeth. Just make sure you’re sticking with string cheese or similar cheese products. Starchy cheese-powdered or flavored snacks don’t have these same benefits.


Snacking on carrots or eating a few after finishing lunch or dinner also stimulates saliva production to keep your teeth clean. Carrots contain a lot of fiber as well, which can help reduce your risk of gum problems.


Apples are a great snack to have for healthy teeth, whether you eat them whole or in slices. Apples have fiber, and they also promote increased saliva production in your mouth. Since these fruits contain a bit of sugar, they can satisfy your sweet tooth as well.


Yogurt contains calcium and protein that help make your teeth stronger. This food also has good bacteria, known as probiotics, that can reduce bad bacteria and protect you from cavities and gum disease. If you snack on yogurt, make sure you choose one that doesn’t have any added sugar.


Almonds provide your teeth with protein and calcium, and they contain a lot of fiber that helps keep your gums healthy. To protect your teeth from damage, consider adding almond slices to a salad or cereal instead of eating them whole.

Even when you eat good foods, routine cleanings are still important. See a professional at Dentistry On Carmel for these visits at least twice a year.

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