Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

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Pregnancy can affect your teeth and gums in a few different ways. Taking good care of your oral health while you’re pregnant helps lower your risk of developing dental problems. Find out more about pregnancy dental health problems and ways to prevent them.

Dental Problems During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you might run into new dental health problems. If you already have tooth or gum problems, these can become worse during pregnancy.

Pregnancy gingivitis refers to gum inflammation that occurs while you’re pregnant. This can happen due to hormonal changes in your body. If you have this condition, your gums might bleed more easily, especially when you brush your teeth. They might also appear swollen and red. If you already have gum problems, these hormonal changes could make them worse. Keep in mind that gingivitis can lead to serious gum disease when it isn’t treated.

During pregnancy, you might also have a higher risk of tooth decay. This can happen for different reasons, such as eating more starchy or sugary foods than usual. If you have morning sickness, your teeth can also be exposed to more acid, which affects your tooth enamel.

Pregnancy tumors, which are noncancerous, can develop due to excess plaque or other reasons. These tumors occur when gum tissue becomes swollen between your teeth. Pregnancy tumors typically go away on their own.

Preventing Dental Problems During Pregnancy

You can lower your risk of having tooth and gum problems with good oral health habits and regular trips to your dentist for any cleanings and exams you need. Brushing and flossing regularly throughout pregnancy helps prevent gingivitis and tooth decay from occurring. Seeing your dentist for a routine cleaning and exam or for any other dental problems you’re having also helps protect your dental health overall. Contact a professional at Dentistry On Carmel today.

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